At ADVANTAGE MACHINE, LLC our efficient and precise approach to manufacturing ensures our products are produced on time, often times ahead of schedule.




12,000 square foot building with property to expand to 40,000 square feet.













2014 CNC BORING BAR:  KIA BORING BAR with X,Y,Z travels of 118”x78”x 36”, a quill travel of 27.5”, a 71”x79” fully programmable 360,0000 position rotary table, traveling column, and a probe system. It is equipped with a 40 tool automatic tool changer.  This boring bar has 1000 PSI through coolant.  The maximum table weight is 33,000 lbs.










2011 CNC Vertical Mill:  Haas VF9 with X,Y,Z travels of 84” x 40” x 30”and a 30 tool automatic tool changer. This is a 50 taper machine with 30 HP and 1000 PSI through spindle coolant with probe system.










2014 CNC Vertical Mill: Haas VF4 Super Speed with X,Y,Z travels of 50”x20”x22” and a 40 tool automatic tool changer.  This is a machine with 30 HP, 1000 PSI through spindle coolant, 1,400 IPM rapids, and a probe system.









CNC Vertical mill:   Haas VF2 with X,Y,Z travels of 30”x 16.5”x 20”and a 20 tool automatic tool changer.











CNC Horizontal mill:  Haas HS1 with X,Y,Z travels of 24”x 20”x 22”, an 18” 360,000 position rotary table, 300 PSI through spindle coolant and a 24 tool automatic tool changer.  With this machine we are able to do end work on pipe or shafts up to 18” diameter, up to 30’ long, with a max weight of 4000 lbs. We are able to do 90 ° fittings up to a 12” and 14” T’s of any wall thickness.  We can do J bevels, standard bevels and vic grooves in any material and any thickness.














2012 CNC Mazak  350 MY (Live tooling lathe) with max swing of  29.5” diameter, max cut diameter of  16.5” , a center to center of 62”, 4” through spindle bore and 300 PSI through coolant




  • CNC Mazak QT15 with a collet chuck and all round, square and hex collets up to 2” diameter
  • Manual Jet lathe with 18” swing, a center to center of 38”, a 3” spindle bore, and digital read-out


ENCO Raidial Arm Drill Press with a max spindle to table of 41”and X axis travel of 27”


25 ton hydraulic press for bending or straightening parts




  • We use the latest technology in inserted and solid carbide tools to drill, mill, tap, turn, bore, bevel, chamfer, engrave, thread mill and much more.




  • Standard and metric broaching capabilities




  • Miller 250synchrowave tig welder
  • Miller 451Deltaweld mig welder
  • Miller 185Millermatic mig welder
  • Miller XMT 200 Aluminum welder




  • 3’x4’x6” thick granite surface plate
  • 2’x 3’x 4”thick granite surface plate
  • height gauges up to 26”
  • Gauge pins up to .75”
  • Bore gauges from .7” to 6”
  • Micrometers up to 41”
  • Gauge blocks
  • 40” digital calipers
  • Thread gauges
  • Inspection reports




  • 2 – 5-ton overhead cranes that can work in tandem to lift 10 tons with an 18’ hook height
  • 1 - 2-ton hoist with a max hook height of 13’
  • 1 – 1-ton jib crane
  • 1 – 1-ton overhead crane
  • 2 - 4000 lbs forklift




  • 2012 Cosen fully -automated double  column saw with  up to 12’’ diameter




  • Tumbler with a 15” x 28” chamber



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